A 15-minute, $300 surgery can give this blind boy his eyesight back. But he can’t afford it. Can you?

Half Of All The Blind People In The World Could See Tomorrow Thanks To A Miracle Surgery

That’s 20 million children and adults who are blind today – but could see tomorrow. But 99% of them will never receive this surgery and will never regain their sight because they are too poor to afford it. Life is hard enough in a developing country where famine, drought, disease, war and violence are commonplace. But imagine trying to survive in a place like Afghanistan, Uganda or Bangladesh without being able to see. With no education, no job and no way to take care of yourself.

For a child in a developing country, blindness is often a death sentence. Many blind children are killed or abandoned. The ones who survive lead very difficult lives filled with pain and heartache. They are not allowed to go to school, get jobs, marry or raise a family. They are a burden to their family and their community. “Like a mouth with no hands” as someone once said.

This Miracle Surgery Takes Just 15 Minutes And Costs $300

The surgery is so quick and simple, it is amazing.

In just 15 minutes or less, a surgeon can restore the eyesight of a blind child or adult. Using general anesthesia for children, local anesthesia for adults, a surgeon makes a tiny incision on the white part of the eye and extracts the cloudy lens that is causing the blindness. The surgeon then carefully inserts a new, synthetic lens which costs as little as $2. The incision is so small, stitches are usually not necessary. When the bandages are removed, the patient who was blind before surgery – can now see.