$250 can cure her clubfoot and completely change the rest of her life. But she can’t afford it.

2 Million Children Suffering With Clubfoot Can Be Saved Through a Miracle Cure

For less than the cost of a pair of fancy shoes, you can save a child who’s suffering with one of the worst birth defects in the world: clubfoot.

Clubfoot is when one foot or both feet of a newborn baby are deformed and twisted inward. It can be mild or severe. This painful condition can prevent children from ever being able to stand or walk. Most children with 
clubfoot in the developing world are not allowed to attend school, get a job, marry or raise a family. A child with clubfoot in a developing country has no hope, no future, no chance.

Most children born with clubfoot suffer their entire lives because they don’t have $250. That’s all it costs to cure it! $250 that can save a child from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

WonderWork was created to help the millions of children in developing countries who are too poor to afford the cure that can save them.

The Cure For Clubfoot Costs Just $250

The miracle cure for clubfoot is simple, inexpensive and easy to deliver to even the poorest countries in the world. It requires NO surgery, just a series of casts that are changed once a week. These casts, just like braces on teeth, can gradually straighten out even the most twisted and deformed feet. It usually takes about six weeks. After the feet are straightened, the child needs to wear braces at night to keep the feet from becoming misaligned again. The end result - in 95% of the cases - are perfectly straight feet that will stay straight for the rest of the child’s life. This method is by far the most effective, affordable and practical approach to curing clubfoot in the developing world.

It is a miracle cure that can save 2 million children suffering with clubfoot.