Unless he receives surgery to cure his water on the brain, he will die. But he can’t afford it. Can you?

3 Million Children Are Dying From Water On The Brain

It is one of the most horrible birth defects in the world. A newborn baby’s head suddenly starts to get bigger. And bigger. As fluid accumulates in the head, the pressure gets worse. Causing pain. Seizures. Brain damage. Epilepsy. And death. In the developing world, water on the brain is a death sentence. Causing years of pain and suffering, disfigurement, brain damage and isolation.

Most children with water on the brain suffer for years and then die because they can’t afford a miracle surgery that costs just $300.

The Good News Is These Kids Can Be Saved

It takes just 40 minutes for a surgeon to insert a thin, straw-like shunt under the skin and run it from the skull to the abdominal cavity.

Once installed, the shunt will continuously drain excess fluid away from the skull and deposit it harmlessly in the abdomen. It works automatically. This approach is the most effective and affordable way to save a child who is suffering with and ultimately dying from, water on the brain.