Millions of children who are blind, burned or crippled can be saved.

20 Million Children Are Suffering From Problems Miracle Surgeries Could Solve

In a developing country, blindness, clubfoot and burns is usually a life-sentence of pain, suffering and often an early death. Many blind children are killed or abandoned. Clubfoot can deform feet so badly that walking and sometimes standing up is impossible. And severe burns that cause scars can cripple and deform a child forever.

These Miracle Surgeries Take Very Little Time And Cost Very Little Money

Eyesight can be restored in just 15 minutes. Even the most horrible burn scars and contractions can be greatly improved through surgery and skin grafts. And even the most deformed clubfoot can be completely straightened.

Most every child in America and Europe who needs these surgeries automatically gets it. But most children in developing countries who need these surgeries never receive them solely because they are poor.

That’s why we created WonderWork.

To help children no one else will help. To provide free surgeries for children who would otherwise never receive them. To give these children their future back – and a second chance at life that they never thought they’d get.